Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - February 2012

Well I guess it's time to get back to this blogging. Work has slowed just slightly so February 2012 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – thanks to Carol Michel of May Dreams Gardens for it's creation – seems to be the perfect reason even though there isn't a lot blooming in my outdoor garden.
There are lots of snowdrops, Galanthus, in bloom and standing ready for the hint of sunshine to open their blooms and and gather it in. They are the usual harbingers of spring, up and blooming long before anything else is up in the garden. I love that the bulbs are so easily distributed. I will frequently dig them up when rearranging the perennials in the beds and just move them along with the plant that is being relocated. The squirrels and other bulb snatchers seem to leave them alone as well.
One, albeit small, advantage of living in a zero-lot line edition is that you can often have conjoined gardens, such is the case with my current northern most neighbor. We consider our back garden as one continuous bed, there is a simple fence on the property line, an addition I added some years ago when the current resident in her home was less than concerned about anything happening in his backyard. When the house with it's blank-slate landscaping was on the market, she decided on it because of my yard. She knew she had someone to learn from and turn her emptiness into a beautiful garden, which she has done. So while these daffodils are not "technically" in my yard, I consider them part of my yard! It's funny that these have chosen to bloom so soon as they are not protected by anything. All of the others around our yards are just up and waiting for a little more warmth.
My Hellebores are also ready and waiting for that little added dose of warmth so maybe the anticipated warm-up over the weekend with be just what they need to finally break open and bloom.
Helleborus 'Mrs. Betty Ranicar'
Helleborus 'Pink Lady'
I certainly have an abundance of blooms. Waiting are Helleborus orientalis, Helleborus 'Mrs. Betty Ranicar', Helleborus 'Pink Lady', Helleborus 'Ivory Prince' and others.
They are one of my favorite perennials because the have interest all year. They are great with my hosta, are shade tolerant, and the deer don't care for them, although deer aren't a problem for me.


For now I can enjoy my inside blooming plants. I hold over a number of annuals thanks to a couple of light carts. One I have had for over twenty years now and it lives in my garage. It has a snug fitting cover that keeps everyone quite warm even on the coldest of days. So there are cuttings from various non-hardy specimens, many happy to bloom all winter for me, various geraniums, Gerber daisies, begonias, and, of course, my orchids. I've been very fortunate that several have produced multiple blooms year after year.

Phalaenopsis and Mini-Oncidium Passionata Red Galaxy

A Dragon Wing Begonia and Fuchsia in bud
For now this will have to suffice for blooms but with this unseasonably warm weather approaching I am excited to see what March's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day will bring.


  1. A great showing for February. Thanks for joining in. (And how fun to have a neighbor who gardens, too.)

  2. Very cool that you have a harmonious relationship with your neighbor. Love that you can spread the bulbs around so easily...must make for some wonderfully serendipitous combinations!

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